Custom Glass Art Commissions by Ethan W. Barnes

I am looking to share my passion for glass art with people who enjoy quality glass objects hand made in America. 

I make custom Glass Sculpture and Funcional Design alike. If you have an Idea for something unique let me know and I would love to work with you

Connect with Me to chat about a custom glass addition to your living or working space!

David's Home Cup Sets

My Friend David bought a house and wanted custom art from his buddies. I made him a gorgeous optical  whiskey glass set and a cup set in my favorite color combo red and celadon to celebrate his new home!

Walnut Hill UMC Baptismal Bowl

Martha and Alex approached me at the studio and I was happy to be able to make this one-of-a-kind baptismal bowl set for the Methodist Church just down the street!

Custom Chandeliers and lighting

I love how light passes through glass!  I can install unique glass sculptures for lighting rooms and bringing character to any space! I create custom lighting  solutions with my own flavor of glass!